Merging legal and financial expertise for optimal result
Operating internationally, Recollecta focuses on regaining client’s funds – debt recovery, company restructuring, and financial recovery – everything to deliver the optimal result possible in a reasonable time. Our services include basic administration of debt collection till complicated legal situations and litigation.

A Strategic and respectful approach

Recollecta’s legal team has a result-oriented mindset while maintaining a respectful attitude towards consumers and businesses. Each case is approached individually, and our goal is to provide our clients with solution options and sound strategic counsel.

Quite often debt collection requires much more than traditional legal services. The corporate form of Recollecta allows to provide the full range of services, which traditional law firms cannot provide. In addition to traditional debt recovery, we employ experts who can locate assets of debtors and debtors themselves, arrange for litigation financing, restructuring of debtors assets, manage assets, sell assets and provide all other services that our clients may require.

Recollecta is also more flexible with regard to debt collection fees. Recollecta is not subject to the regulation applicable to traditional law firms, which prohibits to act on success – fee basis and finance the debt collection from own funds.

Recollecta’s members are three experienced litigators with at least 20 years of experience  - Agris Repss, Mara Zepa and Martins Kveps.

Our portfolio

Our philosophy is to work with various companies and industries. Currently, the financial platform Grupeer has entrusted us the recovery of their debt portfolio of 11 million euros.

A sound legal approach to debt recovery

  • Legal expertise
  • International approach
  • Committed to delivering results

Company restructuring & financial recovery

  • Financial expertise
  • Tailored approach
  • Cost-effective

Timely and cost-effective debt recovery

The financial health of our clients is our focus thus we understand that time is of the essence. We focus to deliver value for money to each of our clients.

  • Debt collection
  • Restructuring
  • Financial recovery
  • Debt collection

    Recollecta can strengthen a company’s internal debt collection structure or act as an outsourced debt collection entity by taking over the right of claims on behalf of the client.
  • Restructuring

    Combining legal & financial expertise we analyze the situation of the company and provide the company’s restructuring to make operations leaner & cost-effective to minimize financial risks.

  • Financial recovery

    In each case, we look for the best solutions to rebuild the company’s financial health to regain solvency.

Support all through the process

Recollecta team will support you all through the process – starting from portfolio due diligence, providing legal & financial counsel tailored your specific situation, till mapping out actual debt recovery process & assessing results.



Recollecta team is led by vastly experienced attorney at law team – Agris Repss and Martins Kveps.

Agris Repss
Agris is a proficient advocate with more than 20-year long experience in dispute resolution, arbitration and legal proceedings, offering efficient and personalized legal solutions to clients.
In the long-term experience in litigations, Agris has represented clients in complex delict cases, for instance, disputes on harm to a person caused by electric appliances, harm to persons caused by collapse of a building, a claim by airplane crash victims against insurance companies and other complex litigations. Agris has also been mentioned at “The Legal 500”, “Chambers & Partners” and as well as at the “Chambers Europe” directories.

Martins Kveps
Martins is an experienced advocate in litigations, he has participated in many publicly known cases in more than 20-years long experience. Martins’ expertise and the unique ability to plan the strategy of disputes and litigations is the reason why clients trust him. His experience and ability to apply his excellent academic knowledge in law allows him to develop efficient and brave litigation tactics that help to achieve the result desired by the client.
Martins’ specialization includes M&A deals, commercial disputes and competition rights, bank and financial rights, energy rights, white-collar and economic crimes.

Mara Zepa
Mara is an experienced advocate and insolvency administrator who has been practicing law for more than 20 years. In her more than 15-year long experience in insolvency cases, Mara has been an administrator in a large number of corporate insolvency procedures.
Mara represents clients in commercial rights, insolvency cases, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, real estate issues and transactions, as well as in different civil and administrative cases.

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